Photo of My Day!

Photo by Lore Croghan 

     Shakespearean culture now has a new place to call home. I love interesting buildings with sleek designs and shiny glass windows, so this picture caught my eye. I also love Shakespearean culture, so the image made me interested. Lore Corghan and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (paper associated) did not get back to me, but I have comments I can make that match to the questions I was going to ask.

If you look in the window on the side of the building, you can see a sign that says “Theater for a New Audience” and it is close enough to the top left area where the important focus point of a photo should be located. The window and banner reach down to the other important point, so it pretty much hits both points. I was going to ask if the photo was edited in any way, The photo does not appear to have any heavy editing done to it, if any was done at all. I can see the reflection of another building in the wall of the main building and there is not indication anything was changed or staged.  Nothing major is happening in the photo and the story is not a very thrilling story. Construction is still going on, so there are not likely to be many shots that are fitting to the the theme. I feel that Lore Croghan just adjusted him/herself a bit and took each photo at a time. The building is stationary and the focus of the story, so there is no need to make the main photo about a group of people around the building. 

The photo might seem boring to most people, but it makes sense and works for me. The main focus of the story is the building, so making the main photo the building is logical. Lore Croghan got a good angle on the photo, since it shows off the unique shape and shows a bit of the area around it. He/she managed to get two people in the shot, so that shows there are some people interested in the area. Overall, I like the photo and it gets the point of the article across well. 


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