Social Game Plan: How I Use Social Media?

 I find myself watching CBS News as I wake up, then BBC World News as I get ready to go out. I watch BBC World News again as I come home, then CBS News in the evening. I do not watch news stations like Fox News or MSNBC because I prefer to avoid stations with obvious or extreme biases when reporting the news. When I’m on the go, I occasionally read updates from the various Twitter accounts the BBC has, such as World News or Breaking News. I don’t use Facebook because I focus on personalizing it for other purposes. I can receive news on Facebook though, but it is either through a sort of digital ‘word-of-mouth’ or from links people are sharing to other sites. An example would be when I heard of the Boston Bombing Incident from people saying they were worried about their friends in Boston and saying something terrible had happened. I don’t use Tumblr at all, but that’s only because I don’t want too many social media accounts to manage.

      I don’t really listen to radio too often, but I do visit BBC News website when I am at a computer and the NY Times. I tend to avoid tabloid websites because I’m not interested in celebrity news I find useless or news I find clearly twisted for the reader’s entertainment. I do read news on my cellphone, which is how I access the BBC’s various Twitter accounts to read news on the go. I would say 45% of my news comes from the BBC, 40% from CBS News and 15% from the NY Times. 55% of my news consumption is through television, 40% of it comes from social media and 5% from news websites. I try to split things up as much as I can.


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