BBC News Website and Social Media


    Social media is vital to online journalism. The BBC News website realizes the importance of social media and uses it in all of it’s articles. Every article has a share option to Twitter and Facebook. There is an option to email the article to anyone, including yourself. The biggest part is the ‘Share’ button, which allows you to share the article to a variety through a variety of sites. Some of these sites are Google +, Linkedin and Reddit. Some of these sites are more known that others, but the BBC News website includes them anyway.

    Live coverage of events always have ‘live tweeting’ going on at the same time. This would be seen in a Twitter bar to the side of the live footage and this would show reactions and updates over Twitter to the event. The BBC has multiple Twitter accounts for the various areas it covers, such as BBC News (UK) and BBC Breaking News. There is also a bar with a number next to the sharing options back on the main website near the article and this number represents the times the article has been shared.

     The BBC also hosts talks called “Roundtable”, which operate though the radio program. These are held in a Google Hangout-style video chat and often include a BBC reporter and a few experts. Sometimes one or two average people with opinions or some involvement in the matter will be included. I don’t see them talking to much to their followers on Twitter, but I don’t notice other news agencies doing it either. I would like to see more interaction, but I believe the BBC is doing well in the areas of social media. 


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