BBC News Site Critique

BBC’s website is and is a favorite news site for me. The main site has mostly white on it, which is changed with the surrounding colors around news stories. There is a slideshow with the top eight news stories at the time. These stories are not in one area either. They can be form politics, sports or even areas like science features.  Scrolling down has various news areas, such as sports and business, sharing a close space. It’s not too bunched together, but it can seem too tight for some people. I like it because it seems more organized to me.

Clicking on an article leads you to it’s topic area. An example would be an article on the mall attack in Kenya. Clicking on that article would lead you to the article, but also the BBC News Africa section. From here, you can go to BBC News from areas like Latin America, US & Canada, Mid-East, Asia and more. A bar with these locations appears and includes options like Sci/Environment and Business. There are boxes for ‘Most Read’, ‘Most Shared’ and ‘Most Viewed’. The BBC news website also has live coverage of certain events that are available on the website when they happen. The website also has the option to access their radio and weather reports for all over the world. The one thing I believe would make the site better is more articles with comment sections. I sometimes wish I could see some comments on articles, but there is no comment section. Other than that, I wholly enjoy the BBC News website.

The BBC News website can be found here:


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