Brittany Thompson: Secrets Beyond The Tennis Court


     Brittany Marie Thompson is a member of LIU-Brooklyn’s tennis team, but hides much more beneath her tennis profile. Brittany is 20 years old and is in her third year of college. While tennis is not the only thing that matters to Brittany, it has been an aspect of her life for many years. Brittany has been playing tennis since she was 12 and entered her first tournament at the age of 13. Despite playing tennis for over eight years and entering competitions along the way, Brittany has no plans to play tennis professionally. Her plans for competitive tennis go as far as her years in higher education. She does mention continuing to play it recreationally, but not in a competitive way. 

       What hides behind Brittany Thompson’s athletic abilities might not seem so obvious. First of all, she is an artist. Brittany enjoys to draw and play music recreationally, which can help her calm down after a not-so-pleasant match. Pretty much any event that involves art can interest Brittany, but only in a recreational sense as of now. However, that is not the only thing that makes up Brittany Marie Thompson. She admits there is one more part of her that she feels makes her interesting. It’s something Brittany believes most people would never guess about her and she might be right.

       The part of Brittany that she believes makes her interesting is that she truly enjoys playing video games. These games are not restricted to a specific genre either, such as sports games. She is not that predictable. Brittany Thompson is a woman of many talents and interests. She may not have her future set in stone, but her path is filled with plenty of interesting activities. Brittany Marie Thompson is certainly an interesting individual.



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