Reflective Essay on Social Media

      I never thought social media could be used for more than communicating with friends online. This was how I felt when I first started using social media, but my view has drastically changed since then. I started using Facebook in 2009 and that was only because my high school friends kept asking me to get an account. I also felt it was a good way to keep in contact with them, since few people traded phone numbers or such contact information. I quickly noticed that not being involved with social media can cause a person to be behind in receiving news. This is a very important aspect of social media for professional journalists and aspiring ones. Social media can alert people to news happening across the world in a short amount of time, which is an aspect I have seen personally many times.

          I never considered what it was like to be a creator of social media. I don’t know if posts made on Facebook count as creating social media, but I do believe posts made to groups or pages on Facebook definitely count. I see it as creating social media if a large enough audience receives it, but I suppose that can be true for personal posts to friends as well. A person is creating new parts of social media when they post to a friend’s wall or on their own wall, so it should count as creating social media as well. I know Twitter is popular as a source of creation in social media. It demands the tweets be short and to the point. I joined Twitter this year and I have not tweeted a lot. In fact, most of my tweets are still about personal events in my life. I have tweeted about an event I went to, but that is about it.

         I suppose there is no rule that says Twitter or any social media site has to always be one way or another. Twitter can be used professionally or personally, just like Facebook, WordPress or any other site. I recently made a story on Storify and it involved a few other sources from social media. These sources included Twitter, Flickr and YouTube  Creating my own story or social media was an interesting experience. Even though some people may have written about the topic or feel the same way I do, the story is from my mind and is uniquely mine. The sources allow the people who own them to see my story, other people to see my points through those sources and spread the event throughout the social media world. Overall, I would say I don’t see myself completely abandoning social media at any point in my life. Even the elderly can benefit from understanding and using social media. Important news events can often be found sooner on social media sites than on television or radio. Social media is evolving and people need to keep up with it. If a person is not involved in social media, then they will soon find themselves missing a lot in the world.  





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